Paweł Podolski's film is one of the titles that has been awarded in the international section of the Austin Comedy Film Festival.

The festival in the Texas capital will not be held until mid-May, but according to its tradition, it lists the winners a few weeks before it starts. The jury chose Paweł Podolski as the winner in the category for the best international director. The creator of "Do monsters eat kiwi?" was competing with four others artists.

"Do monsters eat kiwi?" will be available to the public at the Austin drive-thru theater from May 14-16.

"Do monsters eat kiwi?" is telling the story of an eight-year-old Tomek. His mother’s in hospital, his elder brother nicks phones and his father’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. As if all that isn’t enough, a monster has made itself at home in his wardrobe. And not any old monster, either. This monster is menacing, mysterious and really rather greedy. Tomek is forced to think up a way to get rid of his unwanted guest before it gobbles up someone from his family... or him, for that matter. First of all, though, he has prove to everyone that the monster is real.