This month, Polish short films will be shown at a number of European and North American festivals. The most important event, however, will be the Focus on Poland at the Quebec City Film Festival in Canada.

In the first week of September, Polish short films will be shown at two festivals, which started in August. You Are Overreacting by Karina Paciorkowska is included in the competition at the French Silhouette Film Festival, and Skinny by Daniel Stopa will be presented in the side section of the Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival. On the 3rd of September in Switzerland starts the festival Fantoche, during which Acid Rain by Tomek Popakul will compete for the awards, and the audience will have a chance to get acquainted with Metro by Natalia Krawczuk. Tango of Longing will also be shown at the Baiqonyr Short Film Festival, in turn, The Little Soul by Barbara Rupik will compete for the Grand Prix award at the Shorts Mexico.

An important point of the September screenings of Polish short films is the FIKE Évora International Short Film Festival, in whose competition as many as three films will be shown: Tango of Longing, The Hunt by Mateusz Jarmulski and My Strange Elder Brother by Julia Orlik. Acid Rain qualified for the Austrian Festival Ars Electronica, in turn, Colaholic by Marcin Podolec will vie for the laurels at the World Festival of Animated Films in Bulgaria. At the same time, two Polish films will have a chance to win awards at the Victory International Festival in the United States: The Hunt and III by Marta Pajek. At another festival, Pussy, directed by Renata Gąsiorowska, will be presented. This time, the audience of the Comme Nous Brulon Festival in France will have a chance to get acquainted with this extremely popular animated film.

The Quebec City Film Festival will be a real highlight of Polish short films. Since the Focus on Poland, which is held during this event, will be described in detail in a separate news bulletin, below you can find only the titles of the films included in the programme. Three films will compete in the competition at the festival: Thicket by Adrianna Matwiejczuk, Bless You! by Paulina Ziółkowska and Tango of Longing. In addition, there will be screenings of the following films: Oh, God! by Betina Bożek, Room by Michał Socha, What happens when children don't eat soup by Paweł Prewencki, The Railway Watchman by Piotr Szczepanowicz, Danse Macabre by Małgorzata Rżanek, To Thy Heart by Ewa Borys, The Baths by Tomek Ducki, Woolen Cogwheels by Bartosz Kędzierski, Domestication by Sylwia Gaweł, Creatures by Tessa Moult-Milewska, Don't Lose Your Head by Karolina Specht, A Documentary Film by Marcin Podolec, Black by Tomasz Popakul, Pussy by Renata Gąsiorowska, Bernard by Anna Oparkowska, Frozen Stories by Grzegorz Jaroszuk, All Souls' Day by Aleksandra Terpińska, The Dogcatcher by Daria Woszek, 16.03 by Natalia Siwicka and Morning Has Broken by Olga Chajdas.

Another big festival, at which a larger number of Polish short films will appear, is the Message to Man International Film Festival in Russia. In the main competition, You Are Overreacting by Karina Paciorkowska will be shown, and in addition to it, the viewers will have a chance to watch four films by Izabela Plucińska: Esterhazy, Afternoon, Darling and Evening. At the same time, other Polish films will compete for the awards: at the CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival in Hungary, there is The Stop by Bartosz Reetz, at the International Short Film Festival in Drama in Greece, Story by Jola Bańkowska will be shown, and at the Paris International Animation Film Festival You Are Overreacting has a chance to win the laurels.

The last major festival, at which Polish short films will be shown, is the Encounters Film Festival in Great Britain. In the main competition, there are as many as five Polish productions: Story, Tango of Longing, The Other by Marta Magnuska, Squaring the Circle by Karolina Specht and Portrait of Suzanne by Izabela Plucińska.