Excellent news from Mexico! Katarzyna Iskra's "Casting" - a film she graduated with from Gdynia Film School - won Grand Prix at the 14th Monterrey International Film Festival in Mexico.

16 short films from around the world were selected to the international fiction short film competition. Monterrey International Film Festival is one of the five biggest festivals in Mexico and definitely the most important one in the northern part of the country. This year 130 films from around the world were presented in all the sections and competitions.

"Casting" is a story of Zosia (played by Marta Mazurek) – a young actress who mostly takes care of the house and her baby daughter. The family bliss is disrupted by the fact that Zosia gets a chance to star in a film alongside her idol (played by Katarzyna Herman). She leaves for the casting with her daughter despite her partner's disapproval.

Katarzyna Iskra – born in Bielsko Biała and raised in Polish mountains. She graduated in psychology and Hebrew from the University of Warsaw and in directing from Gdynia Film School. He took her first steps in film directing at Tel Aviv University. She wrote and directed the film "Casting" which was presented at Polish festivals like: Młodzi i Film in Koszalin, Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Short Waves Festival, and international Academy Awards qualifying festivals including Hamptons International Film Festival (award for the best student film) as well as Tirana Film Festival, Festival Internacional De Cine De Talca in Chile, Woman Make Waves in Taiwan, Lighthouse International Film Festival in New Jersey and River Film Festival in Padua. She is currently shooting a documentary about professional "Huggers", working on the script for a feature film and co-producing a feature documentary about Muranów.

source: press release