On June 17th Valletta Film Festival came to an end - the Best Short Film award went to the film "Deer Boy" by Katarzyna Gondek.

Valletta Film Festival is a feature and documentary film festival taking place in Malta. During the edition that has just finished Katarzyna Godek's film "Deer Boy" received the Best Short Film award. The jury awarded the film for its stunning visual language, its capacity to tell a universal story without words, its mesmerizing actors, truly original vision and contemporary metaphors.

The short film is a story of a strange combination of love and hate. It begins with the birth of a son of a hunter (Janusz Chabior). The boy is born with little bumps on his head which are later transformed into wide-spreading antlers, due to which the child resembles a deer. A surreal and perverse vision of the world - presented without any words - in which “everyone kills what they love”. The film is also an evocative statement on hunting and on the relationship between man and nature.

The full list of the awarded film is available here.