The run of luck for the films made by Marcin Giżycki continues. "Theatrum Magicum" and "Stone story" can boast new awards from last month alone.

The short film "Theatrum Magicum" was honoured with as many as three awards. At the Best Fiction Film Festival, the feature film by Marcin Giżycki was given the Audience Award and the Jury's Special Mention, whereas in Peru at the INCA Imperial International Film Festival, it won the Best Experimental Short Film Award.

"Theatrum Magicum" tells about the illusionist's performance on the stage of the theatre in Łańcut at the end of the 18th century. (historical accuracy is not strictly followed here). You can easily recognise three characters there: Cassandra from "Recueil des Parades" by Count Jan Potocki, Georges Méliès from his own films and the great eighteenth century braggart Baron Münchhausen, as we know him from the film by Karel Zeman and the illustrations by Gustave Doré.

Another successful film was the animation by Marcin Giżycki entitled "Stone Story." The film won the best experimental film award at the festival Unprecedented Cinema in Tallinn, Estonia.

The animated film's protagonists are stones that wander forever in space and on Earth...