Last week proved successful to Bartosza Kruhlik's "Adaptation". Recently Kruhlik's short film has won five awards.

 "Adaptation" is nowadays one of the most often awarded Polish short films and last week only confirms that.

At the festival Santiago del Estero in Argentina "Adaptation" got into the short film competition and won the Special Jury Prize, whereas in Italy at the Toko Film Festival Kruhlik's film received an award for the best directing.

Three awards went to "Adaptation" during the Frame by Sound Festival in Dominicana, which is an online film and music festival. Awards for Best Actress/Actor were given to two actors – Małgorzata Witkowska and Michał Włodarczyk. Justifying their decision the jury emphasized the very good construction of the film characters portrayed by the actors. They were very reliable and able to perfectly represent the process of dealing with grief and remorse after the death of the closest one. Other winner at the Frame by Sound Festival was cinematographer Michał Dymek, as "Adaptation" also won the award for the best cinematography.

"Adaptation" is a story of the family plunging into grief after Marcin, their brother and son, dies in an accident. Instead of looking for reconciliation, the family members frantically reopen old wounds. The atmosphere at home is becoming denser with every word said because neither the brother nor the parents were prepared for the young man’s passing away. Their mutual relations become complicated and snippets of conversations do not help the family find agreement. What is worse, the question about who is guilty of this death keeps coming back to them with increased force.