Klara Kochańska

Born on 15.06.1984 in Krakow, Poland. She studied five years on Warsaw University in the department of Interdiciplinary Humanistic Studies, among others Anthropology of Culture, Philosophy, History of Art. Since 2009 she is a student of film directing in Polish National Film School in Lodz. Nowadays she is working on a screenplay and pre-production of her feature debut (in production development with Film Studio KADR) and raising a four year old son. She is the author of films screened on festivals in Poland and abroad and distributed by TV channels like Planete+Doc, Kino Polska, TVP Kultura. Her works are, among others, „Snow Queen”, „Resurrection”, „10 Apgar” and "Tenants" as well as music clips like „The Cliff” and „Enchanted”.