Magda Jaroszewicz

Magda Jaroszewicz was born in 1986 and raised in Warsaw Poland. She graduated from Theater and Performing Arts Studies at Jagiellonian University as well as film directing in the National Film School in Lodz. Her short fiction films "The Death of a Czech Dog" (2011) and "Wild Berries" (2016) were screened and rewarded on various European film festivals.

After finishing film school she moved to Berlin were she worked as a director and researcher for international TV broadcasters. In 2018 she researched and co-directed a Polish part of the international ARTE project "24 Hours Europe".

A fellow of the Hause am See program where she writes her first feature. 2019 Berlinale Talents alumni with her film "Family Trip" being selected for the Berlinale Script Station program.

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