Eri Mizutani

 I was born in 1984 in Kyoto. In 2009 I graduated from TAMA Art University. During my studies I directed five movies. The first one, „Ki-ka” was made in 2006 and got the Special Jury Prize during the 29th Pia Film Festival. The third one „It’s kind of ill”, made in 2008. It was screened in the movie theatre UPLINK in Tokyo.

Since 2010 I study in the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź. In 2013 I directed the documentary “Zostanie tylko pragnienie” and the short film „Niewidomi”. In 2014 I directed the documentaries „Śni mi się” and „Ciemna przestrzeń”. The same year I also took part in the staging of the Japonese-inspired theatre play „Niespełniona miłość”. Nowadays I am directing theatre workshops for young people in partnership with the foundation Ai, preparing two theatre plays: „Romeo and Juliet” and „Poszukiwanie miłości” (Academic Center of Artistic Initiatives in Lodz).