Marcin Giżycki

Art and film historian, critic, filmmaker. Editor in Chief of “Animafilm” magazine (1979-81). Profesor at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw and Senior Lecturer at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA (since 1988). Artistic Director of “Animator” International Animated Film Festival in Poznan, Poland (since 2007). He has made a number of documentary, experimental, and animated films, among them “I Am Providence: The Story of H.P. Lovecraft and His City” (1997), “Gus Van Sant” (1998, with Slawomir Grünberg), “The Island of Jan Lenica” (1998), “Travels of Daniel Szczechura” (2005), “106 Olney Street” (2007), “Sicilian Flea” (2008), “Panta Rhei” (2008), “Aquatura” (2010), “AE” (2011), “Kinefaktura” (2012), “F.I.T.” (2012), “FFF1” (2013), “White Curtain” (2014), “A Magic-Lantern Life” (2014), “Watch Your Thoughts” (2015), “Mono Canne” (2015), "Sto[ne]s" (2015), "Monument" (2016), "Stone Story" (2016), "Theatrum Magicum" (2017). His books include: “Disney Was Not the Only One” (2000), “Wenders Go Home!” (2006). He co-curated retrospectives of Polish animated films at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (2003) and Centre Pompidou in Paris (2004).