Last weekend we received great news from Ukraine. Kamila Tarabura's short film – produced by Studio Munk and TVN – received two awards at the 50th anniversary edition of the International Film Festival Molodist in Kiev.

Into the Night triumphed twice during the closing gala of the Kiev Molodist Festival. Kamila Tarabura received the Ecumenical Jury Prize, as well as a Special Mention from the jury. Into the Night competed with 16 short films from all over the world.

The programme of the Molodist International Film Festival in Kiev also included: My Fat Arse and I by Yelyzaveta Pysmak, The Dress by Tadeusz Lysiak, Masha by Krzysztof Chodorowski, Fuck, it's biology by Veronika Andesson and Off-season by Monika Majorek.

Into the Night tells the story of teenage Krysia who – for the first time in weeks – leaves home for a party her mother invited her to. Krysia doesn't want to be there, but she always does what others tell her to – she dresses the way her mother likes and politely swallows the pills from her psychiatrist. At the party Krysia bumps into the eccentric Majka. Together, they embark on a journey which takes quite a dizzying turn. Emotionally hurt, Majka tests how far she can go with her sexuality and Krysia tries to uncover her secret. Will her new friend heal Krysia?