Tadeusz Łysiak's film defeated its competitors in the Short Narrative Film competition at the Atlanta Film Festival.

"The Dress" awarded once again! This time, Tadeusz Łysiak's film received the title of Best Short Narrative Film at the 45th edition of the Atlanta Film Festival. It is one of less than twenty festivals in the United States that qualifies short films in three categories for an Oscar. The victory of the production of the Warsaw Film School means adding "The Dress" on the shortlist of the Academy Award in 2022.

"The Dress" was screened as a part of competitions at the festiwals in Krakow, Moscow, Odense and Torun. It tells the story of Julia, who works at a roadside motel. She is overwhelmed by the ubiquitous sense of rejection and loneliness. Julia is different and the society has made it very clear to her many times. She dreams of a relationship and physical intimacy with a man. Unexpectedly, she meets a handsome truck driver and her fantasies start revolving around him.