We know the names of the winners at Mecal Pro. Among the award-winners, there is the film "Larp" by Kordian Kądziela.

This year, in Spain was held the 18th edition of Mecal Pro - International Festival of Short Film and Animation. During the closing ceremony, the award for the best films of this year's festival were given. The Short TV Award went to the film "Larp" by Kordian Kądziela.

"Larp" tells the story of seventeen-year-old Sergiusz, who feels completely misunderstood in his immediate environment. Some aunts mistake him for his cousin, his older brother Remigiusz does not even speak to him, whereas his father greatly desires to turn Sergiusz into a world-famous boxer. The boy escapes to the world of fantasy, which is his greatest passion. During one of live action fantasy sessions, Sergiusz becomes a hero, which brings about unexpected consequences.

The full list of award-winning films is on the festival's website.