Animated film, about the formation of the Master - inspired by the work of Roman Polanski. Surrealistic picture with elements of macabre absurdity situation, metaphorical struggle of matter in shaping man and creator. The "body substance" slides off the window, like the hero of the film "The Tenant." Paradoxically, another collapse is shaping up a human figure who finally performs a master perfect somersault and strongly lands on the ground. The fully formed pratagonist is Roman Polanski - famous film director. 

Grażyna Trela, Weronika Kuc, Dominika Fedko-Wójs, Ewa Drzewicka, Małgorzata Jachna, Małgorzata Jędrzejec, Aleksandra Rylewicz
Grażyna Trela
Weronika Kuc
Michał Fojcik
Robert Sowa

Grażyna Trela »

graduate of Screenwriting at the PWSFTViT in Lodz. Three times winner of the Screenplay Copetition HARTLEY-MERRILL, recently in the international and Polish edition 2007 as co-author “MY FLESH MY BLOOD”. Published a collection of short stories “A GOOD MAN”. Directing studied at the Silesian University WRiTV of the name of Krzysztof Kieslowski in Katowice. As a director debuted of documentary film “EROS-EX” awarded at the International Film Festival OFFensiva 2005. Co-author of the television play “THE PARASITE” (2003), and “DOCTOR HALINA” (2008). The author of a play “RAZOR-BLADE” awarded at the FESTIVAL OF NEW DRAMATURGY (2006). Invited to Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. Co-author of the screenplay of the film “THE CHRISTENING” awarded of Silver Lions on the FPFF - Gdynia 2010, and at a Film Festival in Mons (Belgium) 2011, for Best Screenplay.

Weronika Kuc »

Weronika Kuc - born 1993 in Dresden. Graduate of the Art Academy in Cracow. Realist and minimalist.
Colour plays the main role in her works. Besides a short film director, she is also a graphic designer and
an illustrator.

Dominika Fedko-Wójs »

born in 1992, lives and creates in Krakow. Graduated from the Krakow’s Academy of Fine Arts with distinction, obtaining a master’s digree in Graphic Design.For her master thesis and diploma which had been displayed at the Palace of Art in Krakow, she received a Society of Friends of Fine Arts Award, handed out during the official ceremony in Professor Karol Estreicher’s Villa. In 2020 Dominika exhibited her paintings collection in the Szalom Gallery in Krakow, Kazimierz. She’s also taken part in the collective exhibitions such as: Nowy Sącz (2017), the Artistic Book Design Exhibition in the National Museum in Krakow (2016), 3rd edition of the Krakow Photo Fringe Exhibition in Malopolski Ogrod Sztuki (2015).  Besides being a fine artist, Dominika is also a graphic designer in one of the biggest branding agencies in Poland, combining her professional career with passion for illustration, animation and artistic book design. The short animated movie called „Masterclass”, which Dominika co-created, has been nominated to the Gold Lajkonik Award at the 58th Krakow Film Festival, and has been chosen for the opening movie of Gdynia Film Festival in 2018. Since then, it had been screened and appreciated at various festivals, delighting the audience in Cieszyn, Lodz, Warsaw, Lublin, Germany, Norway and Bulgaria.

Aleksandra Rylewicz »

Aleksandra Rylewicz (born 16.08.1991 in Sułkowice) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, in the Studio of Animated Film in 2017. Animation cocreator: Master Class. Apart from the animation, she deals with illustration and design.