Maciej Kawalski

is a graduate of Medicine from the Medical University of Silesia. Currently, he is studying film directing at the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia. He is an author of the script and a director of an animated film "Tribute to Solidarity" that have been shown as a teaser to the movie "Walesa: Man of hope" directed by Andrzej Wajda. His short film “The Watchmaker” was shown at a few international film festivals such as film festivals in Budapest, Shanghai, Cairo and Krakow. He was awarded the second prize at SXSW Festival 2013 in the Chevrolet and Mofilm contest in Austin, Texas. Furthermore, he received commercial grants for Chevrolet at the Cannes Lions 2013 and Fidelity Investments at SXSW 2012. He has been participating in the photography masterclass organized by the agency VII, as well as in the screenwriting workshop conducted by Robert Mckee in London and London Screenwriter’s Festival 2013.