Animation by Tomek Popakul can boast with another award in its considerable collection. This time the film was appreciated at the Czech festival Anifilm.

The organizers of Anifilm set themselves the goal of presenting current trends, modern technologies and animation techniques. Anifilm is not only a festival space for cinema enthusiasts, waiting for a lot of excellent films, but also a perfect place for meetings and confrontations for industry representatives. The festival supports animators, producers and distributors who are currently working on new projects.

This year, the festival program featured two of our animations. Apart from the winning "Acid Rain", the "Portrait of Suzanne" by Izabela PluciƄska also competed for the awards.

The action of Tomek Popakul's animation takes place somewhere in Eastern Europe. Young runs away from home, as far as possible from the gray town. The initial excitement of the hitchhiking journey subsides as it lands on the outskirts of town in the middle of the night. On the bridge, she notices a figure balancing dangerously on the railing. This is how he meets Skinny, a bit of a disturbed freak. Skinny lives in a motorhome, which he drives, taking care of not necessarily legal errands. Young decides to go with Skinny. Their common path leads into increasingly strange regions, and an unnamed bond is quickly forged between them.

The list of awarded films can be found here.