Two Polish short films, which will be shown in the Polish competition at this year's Krakow Film Festival, "Father's Day" and "The Boys" show the youngest generation and its coping with the difficulties of life, and though they are tackle the similar subject, each of them uses different means of expression and shows a completely different story. Paulina Bukalska reviews both films.

In the film "Father's Day" by Kacper Lisowski, the axis of the plot is punk music, and the main protagonist, Marcel, is an aging, impertinent bloke about forty, who lives in a careless way, giving vent to his rage during the concerts of his band. In these very circumstances he gets acquainted with a young woman. On the next day, everything gets complicated; the woman lies in a coma in hospital and the protagonist suddenly becomes responsible for her son, Józek. The film is a fresh look at the relationships between young people and the adults, who are equally lost. It turns out that the aggressive and impertinent Marcel was a sensitive boy, who had problems with his father... and this is why he tries to avoid taking care of the boy. However, at some point he is forced to confront the demons of his childhood and begins to see himself in Józek - a young boy who cannot get on together with his father. Surprisingly, a bond forms between Marcel and the son of the woman met on the concert, a bond which may change a lot in the lives of both of them. Lisowski perfectly captured the moment, in which emotions win with the shell of an independent and self-sufficient man, faced with a situation which shows his helplessness. Marcel becomes more gentle, thanks to the relationship with the boy and cares about him in Marcel's own way. Such a situation is totally new for him, but he tries to do his best. "Father's Day" is a captivating, but unpretentious film, and watching it, we can witness real emotions which accompany changes, unexpected confrontations with the things we usually run away from. The relationship between Marcel and Józek is built in an authentic, restrained way, depicts the defencelessness of a child in the face of his parents' decision. Marcel, infuriated by the passive reaction of Józek's father, his indifference, realises that he has to take care of the boy and gives him support.

"The Boys" are completely different from the story told in the film by Lisowski. It is a raw report from the lives of two friends - the older one, Michał, and Młody, who is under his influence. Michał is fascinated with death, and he infects his friend with it, involving him in a detailed planning of a murder of an accidentally chosen person. After an unsuccessful attempt at the plan, Michał finally finds an appropriate person, whom he follows together with Młody. Seeing such determination of the boy, we cannot avoid asking the bitter question - why? What has caused his obsession? Why don't they have any scruples? We can ponder how the contemporary teenagers think - what are they guided by, what are their bounds and why they overstep the mark so easily? Paweł Orwat depicts the environment of aggressive, critical kids, who are ruthless to each other and susceptible to influence. They show the frail thread of communication between children and parents, lack of authority figures and negative emotions which they hide in themselves. Is it the commonness, ordinariness of the city landscape which causes boredom, or is the environment, saturated with violence, the cause of this deviation?  Młody is scared of the calculation and determination of Michał, he has doubts... And then, when it seems that nothing can change his intentions, the boys come to a cottage in the woods, following their victim. What they see there, frustrates their plan and undermines everything which guided them so far...

Both films were produced in frames of „30 minutes” programme launched by the Munk Studio working within the structures of Polish Filmmakers Association.

„Father’s day” by Kacper Lisowski will be screened on 27th May at 3:15 pm in ARS REDUTA, and on Friday 30th May at 6:30 pm at MIKRO.

„The Boys” by Paweł Orwat will be screened on Monday 26th May in MIKRO and Wednesday 28th May at 3:15 pm at ARS REDUTA. After the screening there will be a meeting with the director.

You can find out more about the festival program at the offcial website